Follow Cost: how annoying are you on Twitter?

Follow Cost: how annoying are you on Twitter?

Ever since Twitter mash-ups have come into fashion, Twitter rank check tools have been booming. There seem to be hundreds of ways to check how good your Twittering is – in a statistic fashion. Some even aroused rumors of being a scam. But I think this is the definitive tool. In the end, most people get really annoyed when you update too much (The Scoble syndrome). It’s up to you whether you want to take that in account, but if you do, check Follow Cost.

follow cost measures how much people tweet. We use an absolute scale (average number of tweets per day) but also measure tweets in milliscobles, or 1/1000th of Robert Scoble’s Twitter output. More about milliscobles.

I tried to come up with the most active Twitter user I follow, which wasn’t all that hard. During my recent China 2.0 trip, Mr. David Feng manged to get himself blocked from Twitter several times because he posted too much. Obviously, @davidfeng has a nuclear follow cost.

follow cost: Is davidfeng worth the pain?

Nice detail: there’s a bookmarklet too!

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