Invites to A Small World: €500

Invites to A Small World: €500
Please send me an invite
She wants me to invite her. Should I do it?

ASmallWorld is one of those famous social networks for the rich and famous from all over the world who help each other out on a lot of stuff. Although I’m rich nor famous I got an invite to the network about 2 years ago anyway. Must be my good looks. ;-)

I started using it and build my profile and my network. After my buddy list on Skype, friends on Hyves, business contacts on Linkedin, marketing business and German contacts on Xing, my international friends on Facebook and my Twitter follow list it was just another network where people could find me.

Different than other Social Networks?

Is it any different? Well, not really. The user interface is poor, usability idem, but in the end it is about the people who are on that network. The network has been ‘invitation only’ since the start and invitation rights are hard to get. Exclusivity is the main driver of the network. The main difference would be that the average income of the people in the network is probably a factor n higher.

I got invites!

Last june I got invites to ASW and now I can invite up to 10 people in the network. I blogged about this on my personal blog and I was surprised to find out that that particular post got 22 comments (make sure to check them) of people begging to get an invite and more than double the traffic I normally get (My mom is the only one reading my personal blog normally).

Today I got an email with this subject:

I offer EUR 500 for an invite to ASW

What!!! I must say it is very tempting, but I think I’ll skip this one. Unless someone has a higher bid?

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