The Grand Le Web Mash-Up 2008

The Grand Le Web Mash-Up 2008

Boris, Arjen, and I had a rather good time in Paris: liveblogging in the front of the room, partying at MySpace’s, and meeting many friends from abroad. Here is our mash-up of a fine two days in the city that can’t be topped when it comes to grandeur.

First of all, we pay our respect to those who didn’t survive lunch on the first day.

Personal posts

Paris J’arrive (by Boris)
The Next Web offices in Paris (by Boris)
why we all love to hate Le Web ’08 (by Boris)


Chris Anderson about global connectivity and the future of children (by undersigned)
Conductor Itay Talgam about connecting through happiness (by undersigned)
David Weinberger: “leadership at the end of the age of information” (by Boris)


Middle aged digital pioneer Lévy advices youngsters (by undersigned)
Marissa Mayer; Up Close and Personal (by Boris)
Why Twitter gets it right: Yossi Vardi about NYC and South Dakota (by undersigned)
Author Paulo Coelho supports piracy: “share to get revenue” (by undersigned)
Cedric Ingrand interviews Linda Avey (by Boris)
MySpace launches a dull toolbar (by undersigned)
Google’s Nikesh Arora afraid of two guys in a garage (by undersigned)
Dan’l Lewin on Microsoft’s Web Strategy (by Boris)

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