Loopia offers .SE domain names for less then an Euro

Loopia offers .SE domain names for less then an Euro

Loopia, a Swedish domain-registrar is running a Christmas Special on .se domains, for only 9 SEK or €0.85 for a domain name. A ridiculous low price so I thought it would be worth mentioning here! Just make sure that you choose to purchase the domain name only – “Endast beställning av domännamn”, and that the discount only works for .se domains. Note that the control panel will be in Swedish but this shouldn’t be a big problem. Anyway, might be a nice Christmas present for your tech-savvy friends! The action will run for December, and I didn’t got paid from Loopia for posting this message. (I think I should)

Some domain names I could think of:

  1. analy.se
  2. legali.se
  3. noi.se
  4. unwi.se
  5. apologi.se
  6. applau.se

Let us know when you find other great christmas deals!

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