iPhone Copy and Paste Arrives for Safari and Mail

iPhone Copy and Paste Arrives for Safari and Mail


Jed Schmidt is likely to be a very popular man today. He is the first person to create a genuine, legal, no installation (therefore no void of warranty) way of using copy and paste between Safari and Mail.

The service is called Pastebud and according to Gizmodo:

Unlike other approaches, it works with the two apps that matter most, Mail and Safari, and gets around Apple’s onerous App Store terms through a clever combination of javascript bookmarks and web services.

Pastebud uses two bookmarks in Safari, one prepares and loads the page you are viewing, and from there you can copy any text you want and create a new mail message with that text in it.

You can watch a video of the service here:

Let’s face it, it’s still not exactly what we’re all looking for but it’s a step in the right direction and is likely to save time for millions of users out there. Pastebud is expected to launch very shortly.

via gizmodo

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