Are You a Twitter Snob?

Are You a Twitter Snob?

Here is an interesting point by Perry Belcher. He takes a look at a few top Twitter users such as Kevin Rose and Guy Kawasaki. Kevin has 78,112 followers but only follows 121 people back. Guy has 35,263 followers and follows 31,934 people back. Perry argues that Kevin isn’t using SocialMedia but SoloMedia by ignoring 99% of his followers.

You could also argue that following 70.000 people is similar to following nobody. If you let everybody talk at you at the same time you simply aren’t hearing anybody.

So what do you think? What is the perfect Follower/Following ration? What is the maximum amount of people you could follow with Twitter still being useful? Am I a Twitter Snob? Are you a Twitter snob or a Twitter Socialist?

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