Twilert – Like Google Alerts except for Twitter

Twilert – Like Google Alerts except for Twitter

Twilert is a new tool for all the buzz monitors out there. The tool, built by Dan Leech and Codegent of the UK , lets you keep track of particular words/terms mentioned on twitter and be notified via email whenever the words/terms are tweeted.

To get started you need to signup and create an account, then enter the keywords you want it to track and how often you’d like to be notified (daily, weekly or  monthly). Finally, click on “Create a Twilert” and voila you’ve set up your first alert.

Of course, there is more… Twilert (as with twitter search) lets you track discussions in particular areas as well as monitor some pretty complex queries. For example, you could keep track of:

“the next web AND thenextweb within 100 miles of Paris” or “job available within 10 miles of Manhattan”.

Unfortunately, the fact that Twilert doesn’t provide real time notifications is pretty disappointing. The only options are daily, weekly or monthly. As a result, Twilert is essentially on par with “RSS to email services” such as Inezha, RSS Fwd, and FeedMyInbox which technically provide the same service. All you would need to do is grab the RSS feed from Twitter search and insert the RSS feed URL into one of those services.

However, if Twilert does decide to take the services to the next level and integrate real time notifications, I truly believe this could be THE 3rd party twitter tool.

Secondly, having to sign up for the service is aggravating. Although the process is straight forward, I’ve become used to not having to sign up for Twitter services to receive the full benefits of the app. If it wasn’t for this post, I probably would have turned away.

Give it a try at

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