Google Friend Connect – now available for everyone

Google Friend Connect – now available for everyone

Want to add social features to your site letting users share information and interact with friends while visiting some of their favorite websites?

Google Friend Connect lets you do that now. This service was in a limited beta since May but now it’s open to all webmasters (open beta).  Friend Connect uses open standards like OAuth and OpenID to accomplish this task. The websites which uses Friend Connect can also run OpenSocial applications created by OpenSocial developer community.

It lets websites access username and password of the users along with friends list, feed massages, profile info, reviews and other info.

Google Friend Connect competes with Facebook Connect and Myspace Data Availability in taking control over you online identity. Which one will you choose for your website? (Update: Facebook Connect just announced the general availability too! See a presentation here.)

The learn more about Google Friend Connect watch their presentation video:

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