Twitter CEO: “It’s amazing anyone uses Twitter today”

Twitter CEO: “It’s amazing anyone uses Twitter today”
Twitter office
A photo of the Twitter offices when we visited it in September 2007.

Evan Williams co-founder and CEO of Twitter spoke at a Churchill Club event in San Francisco on Tuesday and generated a few pretty juicy quotes. Check it out:

On Revenue:
“We will make money, and I can’t say exactly how because…we can’t predict how the businesses we’re in will work.”

On raising money:
“We’re looking at Q1 for revenues. The original plan was to focus on revenues in 2010. That’s no longer the case, since I don’t want to raise money in 2009.”

On scale and Google:
“We want revenues to be product-based. Google built something that can really scale, and that’s our intention as well.”

On ambition:
“I worked on Blogger for six years, and I don’t think that’s as big as Twitter. Twitter will dwarf that.”

On competition:
“I’m pretty sure they are (planning to), but we can’t worry about that. Focus is a really big deal. Even Google stumbles on the focus issue. It’s not as important as search and advertising. Innovator’s dilemma works against bigger companies.”

On Twitter for newbies:
“It’s amazing anyone uses Twitter today. It’s hard.”

Twitter has grown big by keeping Twitter simple and being extremely careful when it comes to introducing new features. But Evan promises some pretty drastic changes in 2009 with support for Groups and sub-networks. This is one of the most requested features and should make Twitter more attractive to business users too. And that might just be where a revenue model comes in. 

Read the whole article on CNET with more in depth analysis by Rafe Needleman who was actually present at the Churchill Club event and selected these quotes.

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