Do Stuff Based on Your Mood with “IFEEL” London, New York, Toronto

Do Stuff Based on Your Mood with “IFEEL” London, New York, Toronto

An interesting site has popped on the scene which has put a spin on the ‘City Guide’ by basing recommendations depending on how you feel! Currently in beta, the site focuses on three cities; iFeelLondon, iFeelToronto and iFeelNew York.

How it Works

Visit your city of choice, mine being iFeelLondon, and click on the left menu depending on how you feel, in my case Romantic. You are then greeted with a Google Map with pin points of various things people in London enjoy doing when they feel Romantic. To add your ideas to the map, you’ll need to request an invite which also requires a Google account as you’ll need one to access Google Maps.

Created by London based Andy Whitlock the site is definitely something I can imagine myself using, as long as the map entries are carefully monitored of course. In time I can envisage a maps being filtered further by romantic hotels, romantic restaurants, romantic benches to watch the world go by…and so on. As you can tell, i’m a romantic at heart.

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