Mr. Sijthoff, suing Wikipedia about your page has an adverse effect

Mr. Sijthoff, suing Wikipedia about your page has an adverse effect

This week we celebrated a Dutch premiere: Bob Sijthoff, business man and son of the Financieele Dagblad founder sued the WikiMedia Netherlands foundation and association. He allegedly molested a Swiss banker in 2004 for which he was dragged to court in April 2008. He also bought some apartments, and one of Holland’s most well-known mobsters functioned as a mediator in these transactions.

Bob Sijthoff - WikipediaOf course the news about these shady activities is featured on his Wikipedia page. As you can imagine, Sijthoff doesn’t dig the “insulting” texts.

So he decided to sue Wikipedia. Sijthoff wants them to remove the page as well as to reveal the identity of the author: some guy with the nickname Jacob H.

Sijthoff will be surprised by the effect of his legal action. Hundreds of blog posts and news articles about his case will appear on the web. Whatever he does, nobody can ever Google his name without stumbling upon a blog post like this. That makes his Internet reputation doomed forever.

And you know what, he’ll probably not even win the case. All the mentions on Wikipedia are based on news sources. On December 10th, we’ll know for sure.

[Via: WebWereld]

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