The Pomegranate Phone. The Best Phone You’ve Never Heard Of.

The Pomegranate Phone. The Best Phone You’ve Never Heard Of.

“Pomegranate??” you’re thinking.
“Yes, Pomegranate” I reply.

The Pomegranate is a phone which puts the iPhone in it’s place, shows the blackberry what emailing is all about and makes Nokia’s Vertu shameful of it’s looks. The Pomegranate NS08 Phone, shaped like a the most beautiful tear from one’s eye yet carries features and design we can only smile about…

It’s the ultimate emailing device, web browser, photo/video camera, media player, navigation device, PowerPoint projector and – wait for it- it will even brew you your coffee!

If I sound like i’m really laying it on thick here and there’s no way you wouldn’t have already heard of the device…well, it’s true.

The Pomegranate NS08 phone unfortunately doesn’t exist and if you’ve visited the site already you’ll find it’s all a whacky viral campaign for Nova Scotia (the Canadian province!).

How they’re related? Well the first line says it all…”Having everything you want in a phone, may be a stretch…But a place that has everything, definitely exists.”

I personally think it’s a wonderful piece of viral marketing. It’s a piece that’s bound to cause a stir across the web and with any luck, it’ll have people visiting Nova Scotia not only for what it has to offer but also to find out who could have created such an innovative piece of viral marketing! :)

(Thanks to Dave Pook on Friendfeed for the heads up.)

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