Shopping clubs are hot: raises €10M

Shopping clubs are hot: raises €10M

German shopping club has raised a €10 million round of funding. It’s their series C, led by Partech International. Some old friends from previous rounds joined them: Mangrove Capital Partners and Holtzbrinck Ventures both chipped in. In these rough economic times, such a large boost in an ecommerce site is quit spectacular.

Yet when you read Brands4Friends’ story, the financial backing makes complete sense.

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brands4friends - Marken zum FreundschaftspreisMaybe it’s the concept of a shopping club that does it. Fashion victims still want to spice up their outfits with designer brands, yet for a bargain price. Clubs like Brands4Friends, French, and Russian are invite only. As soon as you’re among the club of happy spenders, a world of deluxe sales opens up for you. From grand cru wines to a Hermes bag, you can get it for a special, really special price. recently got a multi million financial boost too. launched in September 2007 and already has 1.2 million online club members – adding 10k users every day. Its current annual revenue run rate is €30 million. I’d say: join the club and start a shopping club for your own country. Successful examples enough.

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