Want our Blackberries? Tell us why!

Want our Blackberries? Tell us why!

Our old Blackberries

This Monday we retired our Blackberries and replaced them with our brand new iPhone 3Gs.

We have used the Blackberries extensively for work, travel, play, on our way to the office, in the office, during conferences, meetings and while swimming, during cooking and in our bathtubs. We dropped it, almost drowned it, overheated it and lost it while skiing and found it back again. We photographed the stars and ourselves and wrote many thousands of email and read even more. 

Now it is time to say goodbye. We thought about ceremoniously burying them somewhere in the woods to give them the respect they deserve, but why not ask you? What do you think we should do with these trusted machines? Should we give them to you? Burn them? Recycle them? Keep them? Just forget about them? Tell us!

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