Send Payments Via Twitter: Twitpay

Send Payments Via Twitter: Twitpay

Twitpay, which launched yesterday, is a way to send money with Twitter.

It turns twitter into a command line to make payment promises.  For instance, to send this fine blog some money I did this:

@nextweblog twitpay $10 for being a kick ass blog

Twitpay will then index my tweet in a Twitpay account.  They track all the money that has been sent to and from this account with the ability to cash out or donate the money to a TwitPay charity.  You can cancel a payment up to 30 minutes after you tweet it out, by sending a direct message to their account.  Twitpay charges $.05 for sending amounts over $1 and users will occur the usual PayPal fees.  Their FAQ helps quite a bit.

What is unique about Twitpay is that it doesn’t require the user to signup, if you have a twitter account, you are ready to go.

It was created at Startup Weekend Atlanta.

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