Use Twitter & Fleck For Social Bookmarking

Use Twitter & Fleck For Social Bookmarking

Mashable just reviewed the new Fleck Lite service we launched this weekend. Because we are the founders of Fleck and the feature was, well, Lite we didn’t post it to right away. But if it is good enough for Mashable it is good enough for us!

Fleck Lite is really just a “Tweet a link to Twitter” bookmarklet with a few simple extras:

One, it turns your URL into a shorter URL.
Two, it gives you a field to enter a custom message for every URL you want to tweet.
Three, we will start offering stats for every URL you tweet (click-through) soon.
Four, every tweeted url is saved in Fleck so you can easily find it later. 

But don’t take my word for it. Watch this entertaining movie by Patrick explaining everything in less than 1:15 minutes:

Fleck Lite introduction from Patrick de Laive on Vimeo.

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