Hotel Throws Out TV’s and Replaces with iMac’s in Every Room (updated)

Hotel Throws Out TV’s and Replaces with iMac’s in Every Room (updated)

**see end of post for an update**

I know where i’ll be staying next time i’m in Paris, Philippe Starck’s latest hotel, the geek chic Mama Shelter.

The hotel, located in the Saint Blaise quartier (which is the 20th arrondissement and on the edge of Paris), has 174 “digital” guest rooms all fitted with an iMac and a high spec multimedia center which includes; a HDTV, music, radio, CD, films and of course, the Internet.

Through a partnership with French tech provider DirectStreams, Mama Shelter offers a little something different called “iBooth”, giving guests the opportunity to take photos of themselves and have them become part of the hotel – arranged in the lobby and hotel rooms. I quote:

This is a solution (also using the iMac) that allows visitors to take “instant” pictures and see them distributed in the lobby and rooms. Conceived and realized for Mama Shelter by DirectStreams in collaboration with Jeremie Trigano, iBooth is simple and fun and offers everyone the opportunity to become part of the history of the place and its decor by leaving a sign of their stay at the hotel. In the middle of the [restaurant] tables, columns display screens where you can put up announcements to swap, meet, discover or just to dream.

You may be concerned that you’ll have to sell your home for a night at Mama Shelter’s, but fret not, at prices starting at 79Euro’s per night—Paris could be much more expensive.

Why not visit their site or click here for plenty more photos.

In our eagerness to share the greatness of Paris hotels, Apple gadgets and of course “stuff you should be hearing about”… we posted the same story twice. I hope you enjoyed both and had a laugh at our expense. :)

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