Journalists! Start Blogging!

Journalists! Start Blogging!

During this economic climate Journalists, as with many other professions, have taken a hit. Six Apart, the blog publishing company, has come up with an interesting way to help those poor journalists get back on the grind – they’ve called it TypePad Journalist Bailout Programme .

How it Works

To Get Involved

Just send them them a link to your last piece for a newspaper, magazine or broadcast journalism venue to [email protected]
Sixapart have been quoted as saying
“While we’re obviously having a bit of fun with the “bailout” name, this program is something we’re serious about. The dollar value for you for the TypePad subscription alone works out to over $150 a year, but we know that for a lot of working journalists, one of the biggest obstacles towards independence can be just trying to figure out where to start. Now you’ve got an answer.

You’ve got to hand it to them, it’s definitely a novel idea and apparently there has been great interest so get on the bandwagon while you still can journos!

via Guardian

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