Google iPhone Voice Search Results?

Google iPhone Voice Search Results?

Earlier today Zee announced the availability of the Google Voice Search app and said “I also tried searching “the next web” and it worked perfectly!”. Turns out it isn’t a new app but just an added feature to their existing Google iPhone app. Update it now if you don’t have it yet.

This morning I upgraded my iPhone Google tools too and started testing Voice Search on my way to the office. They say it works best with a North American accent which I clearly don’t have. During testing I found out that it works best if you clearly separate the words and speak slowly. nevertheless, not all results are what you expect them to be:

I searched for “What is the temperature in Singapore” and got back “What is the temperature in Singapore Kenny“. Who is Kenny and where did he come from? I searched for “Patrick de Laive” and got back “60 s“. Right?  “All your base are belong to us” gave me “boy or a base belong to us” and I know I have a difficult name so I tried this one too “Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten“. Google swallowed, choked and threw up this: “when he was a salesperson“. Ah, I need a “Cappuccino in Amsterdam” after all this searching. What do you say? You need “Cupertino Emster Dam“:

Google Voice: "What is the temperature in Singapore" Google Voice: "Patrick de Laive" Google Voice: "Cappuchino in Amsterdam"

Google Voice: "All your base are belong to us" Google Voice: "Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten"

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