Use your tweets and Twistory for reflection

Use your tweets and Twistory for reflection

What a week. I’ve visited over twenty companies and a conference in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. What a blast. Problem is though that I’ll have to find a way to process all the information and inspiration. One of my fellow travelers, Bart Lapers from Brussels, told me how he would do this. “I just flip through my tweets and it all comes back to me”. Hm, what a smart way to use Twitter as a personal archive. Tijs Vrolix, also Belgian, had the same idea a few months ago. That’s why he and 10to1 developed Twistory, a mash-up that imports your tweets into your favorite calendar tool.

According to some of my sources, Vrolix is the Mr. 2.0 of Belgium. Well, judging him by his design and developing skills, they sure have a point.

Twistory launched in public beta a few days ago and of course I gave it a spin. Normally I use Google Calendar, so I figured it might be wise to import all those tweets in iCal. This is how it looks:

Every tweet is registered as an one minute occasion, so you’ll have to click on one to read it. Twistory won’t be useful for the (often self-proclaimed) mass tweeters, since the calendar will turn into one big mess.

So whenever you’ve had a chaotic week, month, or trip: use Twistory to grasp what happened to you.

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