The How I Use Evernote Video Project

The How I Use Evernote Video Project

During my vacation in Italy last July, I was addicted to the Evernote app on my iPhone. Fourteen days of wandering in the beautiful North Italian cities without being connected to the web gave me an incredible inspiration boost. I cherished all the new ideas in Evernote, a tool exactly developed for that purpose, and synced it with my Mac when I came home.

The last couple of months I haven’t used Evernote that much. Because of the 3G availability, I store my to-do’s in Things and post snap shots directly to Twitter. So much for Evernote?

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Not quite, because the guys at Evernote HQ really know how to create an experience around their project. They send enthusiastic news letters with lots of tips and recently launched a project that might get me back to using Evernote.

Andrew asked all Evernote-fans to share the way they use Evernote:

They launched the project a few weeks ago (yes, I’m a bit late, I know) and received several video responses. Here’s one from Zoe:

Not only will these videos create an even better brand experience, it’s also really useful for users like me to get some more ideas on how to use the app.

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