Good news; Broadband is getting cheaper!

Good news; Broadband is getting cheaper!

The price of your DSL connection has dropped from $66.75 a month to $53.32 a month since the beginning of 2008. It hasn’t? You pay less??? You must be living in Europe or Asia then!

If you take the prices per Mbit it turns out that subscribers in North America pay an average of $16.10 per Mb. Compare that to Western Europe at $6.23/Mb and $3.80 in Asia Pacific!  It could be worse though: in the Middle East & Africa consumers are paying over $46 per Mbit.

Of the three broadband technologies that are discussed in the Broadband Tariff Benchmarks – Report for Q3 2008 and Broadband Tariff Benchmarks – Report for Q1 2008 DSL has seen the largest fall in average price for a subscription taking a worldwide average.

It seems that Fiber will give you the most Mbs (speed) for your money with Cable coming in second and DSL a late third option. But prices for DSL are falling faster than for the other technologies.

If you are really anxious to get cheap and fast broadband then move to South Korea or Japan where Fiber is the cheapest and available. Or don’t and just stop that BitTorrent client you are running.

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