Generatus: Social Networking Status Generator

Generatus: Social Networking Status Generator

Generatus is so great I actually considered keeping it to myself. Instead of coming up with boring stuff like “Drinking coffee” you go to Generatus, enter your name and click the big Generate button. Generatus will come up with hilarious, smart, sensitive and funny oneliners you can copy paste and use on Twitter, Facebook or any of the other millions of social networking site that demand you to tell them what the hell you are doing right now.

Here is my test:

Generatus: A Social Networking Status Generator for Facebook, Twitter, etc

I liked the line so I tweeted it:

Twitter / Boris: is currently out of his mi ...

Now all it needs is a way to search their database so you can cross check that with the people you are following. Maybe one day it will turn out that your best, and funny, friend is actually an uninteligent bore who just happens to use Generatus a lot. Lets see if you can find out which Tweets I actually wrote myself and which ones I generated on Generatus. You will never know for sure…

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