iPhoneize your website iPhoneize your website - iPhoneize your websiteIn the last 30 days 1442 people used their iPhones to read These are unique visitors too. Pretty amazing right? We get a lot of compliments because our site looks very good on the iPhone too.

Our blog is hosted on WordPress so making it iPhone compatible was as simple as installing one Plug-In: WPtouch iPhone Theme.

But even if you don’t use WordPress or don’t know how to upload Plug-ins it is now extremely simple to iPhoneize your website. It takes less than a minute thanks to the people at Just enter your blog or websites RSS feed and your title and then insert a few lines of Javascript into your page headers and you are iPhoneized.

Sounds difficult? Check the video first and you will see how easy it really is:

intersquash demo from jon on Vimeo.

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