Retaggr launches Add Me Button, aims to become THE standard

Retaggr launches Add Me Button, aims to become THE standard

Retaggr is a London-based start-up which strives to become the standard virtual business cards service. Every blogger has a collection of “add me on [insert random network here]” spread on their personal blogs or profile pages. A standard is missing, everybody gives the befriend-me mission a different spin. Retaggr has enough of that and has been fighting this diversity for a while now.

Pursuit to virtual business cards

Introducing virtual business cards for every commenter was a good step, yet web publishers had to made the site Retaggr-compatible. A partnership with Swiss conversations tracker service CoComment lowered the barrier a bit. Retaggr’s next step, the Add Me button, must become the company’s big hit.

Add Me with Retaggr

The RSS button

Retaggr’s ambition? Nik Smit describes it very well on the corporate blog. Like a RSS button has become a standard for subscribing to a site feed, the Add Me button must become the definite befriend option.

Clean profile page

Clicking on the button redirects you to a clean Retaggr profile page which sums up all the networks somebody’s active. Some services allow a direct “connect” option, others require you to visit first. Have a look at Nik’s page and you’ll get the idea.

You know what? I’m actually gonna use this service. It will take some time to add all the services but as soon as I’ve got that done, I’ll link to the page from every social network and blog I have.

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