Another crowd-source initiative: rate our posts with JS-Kit

Another crowd-source initiative: rate our posts with JS-Kit

The last few weeks, the Next Web Blog is all about crowd-sourcing. I’m not sure why, maybe we’re just inspired by the US elections. We started with launching a GooseGrade competition (correct our spelling and grammar and have the chance of winning a Flip Video), now we’ve integrated a rating feature.

In the comments section you can let us know what you think of a certain post (see picture right). From your ratings, we hope to learn what kind of posts you guys like and which can be considered “popular”.

Melle Gloerich had a point when he posted this comment last week:

Don’t write for your audience, write about stuff that you find both interesting and are good at. Rockstars don’t care about their audience, they care about their music.

We agree with him.., sort of. We will always bring (European) tech news which is a bit on the edge, but still, we’d love to hear what kind of topics deserve more attention.

Khris Loux from JS-Kit supported us with his awesome ratings widget. He’s a great friend (there’s your disclosure) and it’s a pleasure to use his service for improving our blog.

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