Flirtomatic surprised by its “increasingly savvy” users

Flirtomatic surprised by its “increasingly savvy” users

Here’s a mobile start-up that has been underestimating its target audience for a while. Flirtomatic, the UK’s leading mobile and online flirting service, has sent out a press release filled with words of surprise. It basically says: “hey, these customers actually are pretty smart”.

Flirtomatic has conducted a survey to gain some insight on the mobile usage of its users. 5,800 responded, 87% of them completed the ten questions. Here are some of the results that get CEO Mark Curtis excited, copy/pasted from the press release:

  • 56% of respondents said that they use bookmarking in order to return to Flirtomatic, a figure much higher than initially expected.
  • When asked ‘which best describes your internet connection at home?’ a whopping 84% of users stated they usually use their phone to connect to the Web.
  • 38% of users have already invited their friends to join Flirtomatic and a further 57% are considering it

Flirtomatic passed the one million users mark in September. Now that we know a lot of those folks are pretty smart, the future for the London start-up looks brighter than ever.

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