Yahoo Live off the air

Yahoo Live off the air

The reason I like Yahoo is that they have the guts to try new stuff. From the adoption of OpenID to challenging Digg, the Sunnyvale-based company keeps experimenting. The tricky part of that strategy is that not all projects succeed. As from December 3rd, Yahoo Live can be added to that list.

Its like you are breaking my heart with this news. I have been able to see my family every day because Y Live has made that possible not only for mr but for the rest of the guys here in Iraq. Please wait until we get home.

.. says jERRY jARVIS in the comments on the blog post that announces Yahoo Live’s way to the deadpool. 74 other users took the effort to sign a petition for the survival of Yahoo Live. Frankly, that number isn’t very spectacular, so I guess these folks will now have to move to services like BlogTV or Ustream to broadcast their adventures.

Yahoo Live launched and crashed (due to data overload) in February 2008. NewTeeVee reports that the streaming service only had 1,280 people watching 47 channels. This isn’t much, compared to their successful competitors. Our editor Ayelet Noff recently wrote about BlogTV, which has 20,000 different users broadcasting their own unique shows. No wonder Yahoo pulled the plug…

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