Twitter looking for Founder Associate, but not via Twitter

Twitter looking for Founder Associate, but not via Twitter

Twitter can be useful for almost anything. Leaking great tech stories, asking your geeky fiancée to marry you, staying in touch with your voters, or finding the right person for the job… Well, for almost all of these purposes expect the latter.

Biz Stone and Evan Williams are looking for a “Founder Associate”, or, as most people call it, a secretary. Yet this guy or gal has to be ambitious, more specifically, “the ideal candidate is a future entrepreneur or executive who is willing to work hard and do a wide variety of non-glamorous tasks for a year or two in order to get their foot in the door, learn, and make connections.”

You might think this job vacancy would be the perfect opportunity for an interesting Twitter experiment. A first round of job applications of only 140 characters. But no, instead of that, Evan and Biz post a regular announcement on Jobscore. Williams does mention it on his Twitter page, but more like he doesn’t expect his future assistant to be active on the service yet:

In fact, he or she might be. A Twitter Search for “Founder Associate” gives some interesting examples.

Oh well, maybe next time. This little post at least proves that something like a vacancy buzz does exist on Twitter. Why not benefit from that?

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