John McCain & Barack Obama on Technology

John McCain & Barack Obama on Technology

This blog has a focus on Europe and the rest of the world and generally not on the US. But the outcome of the US Elections affect us all so here is just ONE post to give you a little insight into tomorrows event. We have two videos showing the presidential candidates giving their vision on the state of Technology in the US and a simple map so you know what is happening tomorrow as the results come in.

John McCain on Technology:

Barack Obama on Technology:

How to bluff your way into the elections:

Also make sure you visit at least once. It shows just one keyword list with all the terms, sentences and accusations used in these elections. Read them for 2 minutes and you will be able to bluff your way into any conversation about the elections.

Want to keep up-to-date via SMS and Twitter? Check out Slandr which collects all Tweets about the Elections on their special Election Section.

You might not be a US citizen, or maybe you are, but I’m interested either way. What will you or would you vote? Let us know and tell us why in the comments…

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Oh, and with this movie they almost got ME to vote, and I’m Dutch!

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