Win a Flip by corecting our speling and gramar with GooseGrade

Win a Flip by corecting our speling and gramar with GooseGrade

If you’re a long-time reader of The Next Web, you know we started from scratch in November, less than 12 months ago. A couple of Dutch dudes in an Amsterdam office with just one goal: becoming Europe’s largest tech blog. Well, we know we’re on our way (see Feedburner), but at the same time realize there’s still a long way to go.

Our English still needs some improvement, as it’s our second language. We’ve followed classes, are lucky enough to have native speakers David Petherick and Zee Kane on board, and we’re now ready for the next step: crowd-sourcing copy-editing.

A month ago, one of those long-time readers, Bob Boynton, tipped me about GooseGrade – a service that makes it possible for blog readers to copy-edit pieces articles. Excellent! Like it was made for us. So as soon as I got the chance, I installed the GooseGrade button on The Next Web. You can find it on the article pages, right next to the Digg button.

Let’s organize a competition!

If you want to use GooseGrade, you’ll have to register first. That creates a little barrier. So to motivate you, we’re organizing a competition. The person who makes the most corrections before December 1st will receive a Flip Video.

Here’s how to win this nifty little device:

  • Sign-up to GooseGrade
  • Noticed an error or typo? Click on the GooseGrade button and fix it!

We will keep track of who does the most work and will reward them in December. Alright part time copy-editors, good luck!

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