TwitterScope: Show Complete Twitter Conversations

TwitterScope: Show Complete Twitter Conversations

TwitterScopeTwitterScope is a nice new Twitter addition developed by Canadian Web Designer Stuart Robertson. It comes in the form of a Bookmarklet and all you have to do is drag a link to your browser toolbar. Full instructions can be found at the original blog.

If you have experience with Bookmarklets you can also use this: TwitterScope

Then visit the page of a random Twitter profile and click the Bookmarklet entitled “TwitterScope” in your browsers bookmarks bar.

A new window will pop up showing that person’s tweets AND replies to his tweets. Suddenly you are listening to dialogs instead of monologues in Twitter.

After using it for a while I realized that this is exactly what I have been missing in Twitter. I often aimlessly browse through profiles trying to get a sense of what the conversation is about. Before you know it you will have 6 windows open with different profiles looking for who replied to whom in different topics.

With TwitterScope the whole conversation is just a click away.

TwitterScope: Show Complete Twitter Conversations

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