Discovery engine Juice, the next great blogging tool

Discovery engine Juice, the next great blogging tool

Dutchman Thijs Jacobs used to be Holland’s youngest entrepreneur, by starting his own consultancy business at the age of 15. Yeah, 15. No wonder the Netherlands became small for him and he moved to Beijing. He’s now the CTO of semantic startup Linkool Labs and guess what, they’ve just launched a new discovery engine in public beta. Jacobs was kind enough to mail me before he contacted other tech blogs, so enjoy this little scoop.

This new tool by Linkool Labs, called Juice, saves you a helluva lot time when looking for online information. I could tell you all about it, but why would I considering there’s a “rocking webcast” explaining it all. Watch the first bit and you get the idea.

Excellent tool for bloggers

I’ve been using the service for two weeks now and really think this is the first great blogging tool since Zemanta. Imagine that I want to know more about Thijs Jacobs. After highlighting and dragging his name while browsing, I’ve all the info at my disposal. I can save the relevant images and videos, let the latter play in the background and browse to the next page at the same time. Awesome.

One minor downside: Juice doesn’t recognize text in text fields like the one I’m typing in right now. If they’d fix that, Juice would become even more useful for bloggers.

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