No more standard lifestreams please, be creative!

No more standard lifestreams please, be creative!

When I received an email from Alard Weisscher, saying he’s working on a lifestream project, my first reaction was something like: “not another one”. And yes, when I browsed storytlr and clicked on one of the showcased lifestreams – it looked rather standard. Well, just the lifestream bit, because the rest of the site looked rather smashing (see picture).

So much for the standard lifestream part. Apart from Storytlr’s basic lifestream service, they also offer a “story” feature. This is a cool and different visual approach to lifestreams. Imagine you go on a hiking trip, somewhere in the United Kingdom. You tweet, you make photos, and you film. Nice to combine that in a book-like concept, right? This is what Belgian-based storytlr makes of it:

Now all they need is a partnership with Blurb and the lifestream-book circle will be complete.

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