37Signals outsources development to… The Netherlands!

37Signals outsources development to… The Netherlands!

What I understand (very little) from this post is that 37Signals, the company behind Basecamp, Campfire and the Rails framework has commissioned Dutch development firm Phusion, an IT company based in The Netherlands, to develop ‘global queuing’ for Passenger. Passenger is Phusion’s product.

This is interesting because usually when we talk about outsourcing we think about low wages countries like India or Eastern European countries like Poland and the Czech Republic. Of course this is different because 37Signals merely wanted an extra feature for this product. What IS cool too is that 37Signals liked Passenger enough to ask Phusion to add some features they were missing and are endorsing this product by running some of their products on Passenger.

Unfortunately I don’t know enough about Passenger and global queing to tell you how cool this really is. Lets do a little crowdsourcing, before I embarrass myself, and have people explain to me, and the rest of our readers, how cool it is to ‘queue globally’…

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