LinkedIn more than just network tool, introduces apps

LinkedIn more than just network tool, introduces apps

Now that LinkedIn has gathered 30 million members in its professional network, the Mountain View-based company wants to go beyond just connecting. Last night it introduced nine applications with which LinkedIn users can “communicate, collaborate, and share”. Reid Hoffman writes on the corporate blog:

This initial roll out features productivity applications that range from gathering information that professionals around you are generating to enhancing your abilities to collaborate and communicate more effectively. You’ll be able to work much more closely with your contacts on LinkedIn with tools such as file sharing, project management, business trips and many more.


The email sent to all users contains a good overview of the new features:

Work collaboratively with your network.

  • Box on LinkedIn: Share files and collaborate with your network.
  • Huddle on LinkedIn: Private workspaces to collaborate with your network on projects.

Share information and keep up to date with your network.

  • Amazon on LinkedIn: Discover what your network is reading.
  • TripIt on LinkedIn: See where your network is traveling.
  • SixApart on LinkedIn: Stay up to date with your network’s latest blog posts.

Present yourself and your work in new ways.

  • Google Docs on LinkedIn: Embed a presentation on your profile.
  • SlideShare on LinkedIn: Share, view and comment on presentations from your network.
  • WordPress on LinkedIn: Promote your blog and latest posts.
  • Come on, the difference is so salient

    It seems like LinkedIn is moving in the direction. Many blogs try to pinpoint the differences between the two networking giants. I think it’s rather simple: LinkedIn is Facebook without drunken pics and therefore better suited for professional relations.

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