The Pope on Twitter!

The Pope on Twitter!

God Bless the InternetAn assembly of Catholic bishops on Monday called for the use of mass communications – including television, cinema, DVDs and even iPods – to be used to spread the Bible in as many languages as possible. No word on Twitter, Flickr or blogging yet! The old way of word of mouth marketing doesn’t seem efficient enough in the digital age.

“The voice of the Divine Word must resonate over the radio, on Internet channels with virtual distribution (and by) CDs, DVDs and iPods, and on television and cinema screens”

Sounds like product placement to me!

Although the Vatican had one of Europe’s first Web sites they are generally not listed among the most innovative organizations in the world. They seem to realize that now and are arguing that the written word alone is insufficient for the modern world.

I wonder if someone at the Vatican is seriously considering starting a Social Network to compete with Facebook and LinkedIn. it would be an instant hit and a serious upgrade to the dusty old churches I have visited.

Oh, and regarding the title? The Pope IS on Twitter but not very active. Fortunately you can skip the messenger and go straight to the source: God

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