TaskFive: From idea to product in less than 5 days!

TaskFive: From idea to product in less than 5 days!

Contrast.ie, the people behind the excellent Qwitter, prove that going from concept to product on the web doesn’t have to take months, or years.

On Monday October 20 they met with James Kennedy to hear his idea for a web application. They liked the idea and started working on it without thinking about it for TOO long. After going through Interface, Wireframes, Coding and Visual Design they launched a complete product on Friday.

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Yes, Friday October 24.
Yes, a Complete Product.

The finished product is called TaskFive and is a To-Do list with a twist. It looks and works very well so I suggest you go and give it a try. Even more inspiring though is the process of building the product which is described in this blogpost.

I’m impressed…

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