Permatime: Share Any Point in Time Across Time Zones

Permatime: Share Any Point in Time Across Time Zones

Permatime is something I’ve been looking for for quite a while now. It’s a neat little app created by Alex Kohlhofer and Tim Diggins which allows you to share a particular time with other people across the globe.

So let’s say you have a meeting arranged for 3pm London time, you simply create a permalink at and share that link amongst your meeting participants.

Prior to this, it was a matter of repetitively calculating time difference every time a time was mentioned. There are other tools out there which with a bit of work provide the same solution, such as; time and date,, edifast and What time is it. However, the reason I highlight Permatime is frankly it’s the first simple, clean & straightforward solution that I have found.

If there are any other time arrangement solutions out there you know of, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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