Fill in the blanks, track your alias on

Fill in the blanks, track your alias on

Until two weeks ago, you’d regularly find articles of Robin Wauters on The Next Web Blog. The last post the next web enthusiast & Plugg organizer wrote, was titled Matt Mullenweg snaps up PollDaddy. The next day, Michael Arrington snapped up Robin Wauters. Yes, our Belgian editor got promoted to TechCrunch. Goodbye, farewell and trackback!

Well, yesterday I received the first trackback from Wauters, now it’s my time to return the favor. Not just because he’s a great guy, but mostly because he discovered a cool tool:

It took me or two or three usernames before I realized it’s better to have one. Not just because it’s easier to remember, but also for personal branding matters. So I chose “dutchproblogger”. I’m sure you have an alias as well: Usernamecheck allows you to see whether that nickname is still available on 68 services.

According to TechCrunch commenters, the service isn’t functioning perfectly, yet you’ll get the idea anyhow.

As you can see, I suck at registering with the right username, some are more fanatic about it:

So be ahead of the “asswipes” out there and fill in the blanks, a.s.a.p.!

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