Product Planner: Making Product Planning Slick and Social

Product Planner: Making Product Planning Slick and Social

As someone who spends a great deal of time developing web based products, one of the first steps we take is to launch Skitch to draft out some ideas for how things could work and the general concept as a whole. Once all that is done, we’re ready to move ahead. We need to get some specifics working and make sure that the user flows of particular areas are well thought out and as we want them. Normally we’d go straight to Omni Graffle for this phase, but that may be about to change…

Product Planner is new site brought to you by the guys at Kissmetrics, a simple & elegant tool which allows designers & UI specialists to quickly create a user flow. Each flow is organised by type  such as well as the kind of web product it’s designed for, such as social networking, photo sharing, etc. Product Planner gives you the option to privatise your ‘flows’ however you are encouraged to share with other visitors/users of the site to allow other users to learn and benefit.

With Product Planner the userflow process should become an awful lot slicker & smoother. The tools provided make putting together a solid user flow easy and fast. You’re then able to share it with the community and get the feedback you’ll need to make sure the finished product is as it should be and inevitably you end up with a happy community of your own. Once the site has expanded and more people have heard about it, you’ll be able to find the best user flows from across the site ensuring that your new site or product flows to perfection :)

Here’s an example of a user flow from the site:

Sign Up Flow
View more Pieces of Flair user flows.

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