Inquisitor Search Plugin Released for Firefox

Inquisitor Search Plugin Released for Firefox

Safari users who have had the pleasure of using the Inquisitor search plugin will be pleased to know they can now receive the same functionality on Firefox & presumably Flock too. The plugin which was acquired by Yahoo earlier this year was originally developed by David Watanabe who also developed Acquisition, XTorrent and the gorgeous RSS reader Newsfire.

The plugin shows you instant search results with an elegant UI “as you type” in your search field in top right corner of the browser. I personally use the search field all the time, which has really left the idea of a browser ‘home page’ as worthless to me now.

Unfortunately, there is one major drawback, the results shown are Yahoo results which aren’t a problem when you’re looking for one particular site but for full search results you’re better off with google. It does also disallow the usage of other search plugins which is definitely something that needs fixing immediately. The good news is that should you not be happy with it, it’s a matter of unticking a box in your settings and waiting until Inquisitr enables google results… :)

To try it out you’ll need to signup/login at Mozilla as the plugin is currently in testing.

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