Hobnox spiced up the browser-based Audiotool

Hobnox spiced up the browser-based Audiotool

Hobnox is a Berlin-based start-up that brings creative minds from all over the world together in their online community. With a strong focus on music and video, users can create, share, and collaborate their funky stuff.

What particularly impressed me when I first reviewed Hobnox in May, was the state-of-the-art Audiotool. The developers have created a browser-based Flash version of a mix table, so that Hobnox members can create their own beats and melody lines within the site. For me it was all quite overwhelming, as I’m anything but a digital music maker.

That my influence my ability to properly review the tools as well, since some commenters basically said that online flash based toys are not useful in the ultimate business of making music. I can imagine what they meant to say, so I’m really interested to hear their opinion about Hobnox’s updates. David Noël, head of Hobnox marketing, has sent me the following list:

  • Live recording and saving functionality
  • Addition of a ‚Mac-Dock’-like shelf with all the devices
  • We added new devices (Splitter, Merger, Compressor, Phaser, Slope and Gate)
  • We’ve improved the performance by getting rid of the Java bypass which means that you’ll need to upgrade to Flash 10 to use the tool
  • Starting the Audiotool, you can choose out of three default set-ups or start a blank set-up

The latter even is exciting for a uninitiate like me, as I can just press “electro” and listen in awe. Anyhow, if you’re a professional, please let me know what you think about the Hobnox Audiotool.

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