Find out when and why people unfollow you on Twitter

Find out when and why people unfollow you on Twitter

Just received my first web tip from Ireland. It’s the first of many tips Anton Mannering will send us. I’m just gonna copy/ paste it to give you an idea of how great our Webtiprs generally are:

Qwitter just launched by the guys from Contrast in Dublin. They launched they’re Rails exception tracker recently but this is more of a fun project.

Basically it sends you an email telling you when someone unfollows you on Twitter and include in the message your last twitter update. It’s not precise but it’ll give you an idea why they don’t love you anymore. :)

They’ve been absolutely hammered this morning and are currently tying to beef up the servers

Here’s their blog post but I don’t think anyone else has picked this up yet

Seems to be proving popular though and they’re offline and moving it to EC2 to handle the load as we speak.

300+ signups and 3000+ hits in first 25mins.

Next time I’ll make a nice story out of it, but for now, let me just keep it with this interesting (I hope) insight.

Oh, one remark then. When I covered TwitterKarma in February, I predicted things might get nasty on Twitter. When you notice somebody unfollowed you, it might feel like a slap in the face. I guess tools like Qwitter will create even more calculated Twitter users – and an occasional fight.

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