Attentio launches v3.0 of brand monitoring tool, adds funky visualizations

Attentio launches v3.0 of brand monitoring tool, adds funky visualizations

Attentio, a Brussels-based company who’s actively rolling out its market monitoring software for customers around the world, has updated its flagship product Brand Dashboard to v3.0. The Attentio Brand Dashboard product is used to monitor and analyze social media such as blogs to provide comprehensive real-time insight into consumer behaviour and attitudes.

TechCrunch France’s Ouriel Ohayon was quick to report on the news this morning and also referred to Attentio’s trend search engine Trendpedia.

Here’s a quick summary of the new features:

  • ‘Brand Mapping’ technology
  • An automated blog ‘influence’ ranking
  • Easy project set-up wizard
  • Significant increase in sources including new sources like Twitter
  • Live Search capability to create charts on-the-fly
  • More country classification of sources enabling greater regional breakdown of results

The first feature, the ‘Brand Maps’, is definitely the most interesting one and has been focused on in a second blog post from the company, offering more details. 

According to the company, Brand Maps has the potential to completely disrupt the Market Research industry, although they’re more interested in setting up partnerships and working together with the traditional market research companies.

The feature automatically maps the relationship between brands and conversation topics online. It basically takes data (from tracking conversations in traditional and social media) and then plots that information using a statistical technique known as multidimensional scaling (MDS). 

Visualizing data in this way provides a view of a brand’s “conversational universe”, as the company puts it.

I’ve embedded an example visualization about the US presidency election, which was also used in their post, below.

(Disclosure: I have consulted for the company in the past, but have no financial interest)

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