Best useless iPhone app ever: sound-recording RjDj

Best useless iPhone app ever: sound-recording RjDj

So it’s Sunday, but that doesn’t mean much for Internet entrepreneurs. Just like Jason Calacanis wants, we spend too much time in our office. But there’s room for fun too. Just now, for example, Robert Gaal showed me the coolest useless iPhone app ever, RjDj.

This iPhone gimmick records sounds from your environment with the iPhone headset mic and remixes them in a playback loop, randomly adding delay, echo effects, and taking certain parts of it.

Involuntary MC’s

I went outside with if for a bit and walked a couple of blocks. Listening to the music the RjDj app produced which was a completely different experience that the regular iPod one. The street noises became part of the music I was listening too, which sometimes can be simply amazing. I’m telling you, a Spanish tourist scared the hell out of me by talking a bit too loud. An ordinary pedestrian turns into an involuntary MC.

(warning: this can cause weird situations, as I started to walk really close to other pedestrians to record their conversations)

There’s a free version with only one “scene” (which isn’t too good compared with the others). The $3 version has six “scenes”, of which the “Loopinger” is my absolute favorite.

Here’s six-minute video demonstration


Where’s the hype?

It actually surprises me that there hasn’t been a RjDj hype, as everybody here in the office is absolutely raving about after the first experience. Yet if you look at this Technorati chart, you’ll notice a buzz is absent. Let’s see if we can get something started here (don’t forget to stumble)

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