European cops fed up with “daredevils of the web”

European cops fed up with “daredevils of the web”

You’ve probably seen a movie or two of some maniac doing a crazy thing in traffic, from riding on top of train to driving 160 kilometers per hour while steering with you feet. Well, you might see less of those coming from Europe the coming months, as the European traffic police has decided to focus more on bringing these daredevils down.

The cops made this promise during a gathering of the TIPSOL organization – European Traffic Police Network – yesterday. Representatives of the traffic police will ask governments and ISP‘s to “take action” against people who upload their life threatening stunts to YouTube and social networks.

I guess the taking action part refers to supplying IP addresses, which is quite worrisome. Not that it isn’t a bad thing that the police want to stop the darn daredevils, but it’s yet another incentive for ISP’s to give away IP addresses. It will be interesting to see how legislators react to the traffic police’s proposal.


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