No more tangled iPod earbuds with BudTrap

No more tangled iPod earbuds with BudTrap

I just stumbled upon Australia based BudTrap, a company creating and marketing a neat product with the same name that provides an adequate solution for dealing with tangling earbuds. They’ve done a pretty good job at explaining what it’s all about on their good-looking website (they really have a keen sense of design), but make sure you check out the video demo below too.


For now, the BudTrap is completely free, but the beta version currently only fits the iPod Nano Gen 3.

The BudTrap’s patented DuoGrip technology lets you:

– Quickly wind your headphones “Naturally”
– Safely & Securely retain your headphones
– Fits Snugly to iPod for use with most cases
– Easily Sync, stays with your Earbuds
– Change colours to suit your mood.

If you wanna keep track of BudTrap, go follow their blog or become a fan on Facebook.

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