Tweetsay remixes pics and tweets into unique badges

Tweetsay remixes pics and tweets into unique badges

Canadian David Chan has created a rather cool and funny Twitter tool called SayTweet. It allows Twitter users to combine photos with Twitter updates. Just upload a canvas (picture) and point out which users are on it. TweetSay will then generate a picture with text bubbles consisting of the latest Tweets.

This makes TweetSay a fun tool to create unique pictures for your blog or social network profile. For example, I twittered at Picnic last Friday about how Amazon CTO presented Dutch start-ups Soocial and Project E on stage. If I combine it with a picture from Project E’s co-founder Renato Valdés Olmos on stage, you’ll get the following result:

@renn on stage with @werner while @marlooz films

Though it’s a fun Twitter badge, I’m not sure whether people will come back to TweetSay often. This would change if Chan also offered a feature that makes it possible to combine pictures with a specific tweet. Users could then combine a picture of a person with a tweet he was actually posting around the very moment the picture was taken.

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