After Twit2art, here comes Auction Art

After Twit2art, here comes Auction Art

Belgian artist Jan Leenders seems to have more tricks up his sleeve than just his recently introduced Twit2art project, which Ernst-Jan wrote about. He has set up the website, where his new painted creations will be put up for auction, always opening at 1€.

Today, he painted his dog.

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Bidding is done by e-mail, and the auction ends after exactly 5 days since the last bid is made (the buyer does have to confirm the sale by e-mail within another 24 hours). Every new painting put up for auction will be announced with a blog post, and the time of publication is the starting point for the 5-day window. There’s a handy ticking clock at the bottom of each post to keep you informed of the timeframe.

You can track auctions via Twitter, FlickrRSS feed and/or by subscribing to an e-mail list.

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